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In honor of Georgie Porgie
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vixenesque93 wrote in metaquotes
princekermit has a RENT-inspired filk:

Five hundred twenty-five thousand, six hundred minutes.
Five hundred twenty-five thousand, til Bush leaves town.
Five hundred twenty-five thousand, six hundred minutes.
How do we get rid - rid of this clown?

With emails? With scandals?
With Cheney? With wa-ter boarding?
With Iran? Iraq and Afghanistan?
Five hundred twenty-five thousand, six hundred minutes.
How do we get rid of this man?

QWP here.

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....Okay, I kind of love this. <3

That is BEAUTIFUL. *sings along*

I especially like that the OP took the leap year into consideration.

(Deleted comment)
No, because it's 22 Jan and the pres is inagurated on the 20th

Considering that 525,600 is straight out of the original song, I don't think the OP necessarily considered the leap year at all.

I'm saying, the OP waited till January 22 to post it, and 525600 minutes from now is January 21st, which is exactly a year.

I'm really sorry to break it to you:
I thought of the idea yesterday and it took me a day to (find the time to) write the filk.

Oh. Well, it was a nice thought =P

(your icon is win)

There needs to be a heavy metal cover of this like now.

For the two other people in the world who are nodding politely:

Ooh, thanks. I honestly do feel like I am one of the three people in the world that hasn't seen Rent at this point.

This was really not a good time for anything Rent-y. Rent *sniffles* will go before Bush, even.

Not a good time?

Yes, even my DVD has a black arm-band in mourning.

I wrote a long goodbye essay to Jonathan Larson,

whaaat? am i behind in the rent loop? what happened?

It's closing in June, after 12 years on Broadway. ;_;

I saw it when it first opening -- the matinee before the "opening" -- wow, can't believe how long ago that was... yikes!

I haven't seen it yet. ;_; I saw the movie (it was good).

The movie is crap, especially compared to the show. :-)

What didn't you like about the movie, if I can ask? Both I and my sister the Renthead enjoyed it.

In the play, the whole first half takes place in one evening. In the movie, those events are spread out over several days (or maybe weeks). It loses the dramatic tension and sense of urgent living on the edge that I Ioved about the show so much. The song is called "No Day But Today" for a reason -- not, "No Week Like This Week." All the events are piled on top of one another, yet connected.

I did like going to see the movie and singing along though.

Okay, I see where you're coming from. I was a little disappointed when I heard about those changes initially, but I think in the context of the movie it worked. One thing I dislike about the show is how the first act takes place in one night and the second act takes place over an entire year -- to me, it's more cohesive if there's a little time between all events rather than cramming the best part of the show into one night.

Oh, there was totally mooing in my theater when we saw it ...

I liked the timing. I liked the sense of intensity it gave. The movie seemed flat without it, and it just deflates the whole No Day But Today mantra. The movie was okay but not great.

Im pretty sure this is true of ANY broadway show. who wants a movie when they can have real live awesomness?

Amen LOL

I saw RENT and I did not know the words and it was not yet famous. I didn't even know every single thing that was happening and I cried and cried at the end and thru most of it.

(Deleted comment)
lol your post is pretty fantastic. Especially the "I should tell you" one. Priceless, I say.

I'm sure there've been several filks. This one was special because as of today Bush has exactly one year left in office.

Most important thing in comedy is

FUCK now that song is in my head!!!! aaaargh!

I think J. Larson would agree. :)

...Goddammit, I'm never getting that song out of my head.

bwahahahah. excellent. *joins the chorus*

This puts another musical in my head-

"GEORGE BUSH! Is only for now..."

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