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HiH | Ravenclaw Me
_kyri wrote in metaquotes
kjpepper shares a heavenly IM conversation:

St. Peter sees Jerry Falwell approaching the pearly gates and IMs Jesus

P34lyG4t3Pete: ROFLAMAO you're never guess who I've got approaching right now
S4v10rpwns: OMG who???
P34lyG4t3Pete: Jerry Falwell.
S4v10rpwns: ZOMG *crucified *
S4v10rpwns: I gotta wake up Dad 4 this, brb

[G0DFTW has entered the chat]

P34lyG4t3Pete: I have Jerry Falwell approaching the pearly gates, sir.
P34lyG4t3Pete: Do you want me to handle this or should I send him to you?
S4v10rpwns: Is to be bitchslapping time nau, plz?
P34lyG4t3Pete: omg srsly.
P34lyG4t3Pete: he's here and demanding entry into heaven.
P34lyG4t35ftw: YA RLY.
S4v10rpwns: LOL cry more emo kid

QWP from a locked post here.

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P34lyG4t3Pete: ROFLAMAO you're never guess who I've got approaching right now

Rolling On Floor Laughing Angelically My Ass Off?

I'd like to say I thought of that, but it's a typo. Same for the inconsistant handle of St. Peter. :)

(Deleted comment)
Oh, cool - someone quoted this before I had the time.


*hands kjpepper a shiny new internets*

I love how God's screenname has an 0 in it, too...obfuscation for the sake of obfuscation. Fabulous :D

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I shall be using *crucified* now.

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(Deleted comment)
You are officially my favorite person of the day.

Oh man, this is beautiful. I WANT VIDEO!!!!! :)

*dons lollerskates**rolls around the room*

Excellent post! Thanks for the giggles.

Sorry, but no IM quotes at metaquotes. Read the rules Please.

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(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
OK, LOL'ed! And "ZOMG *crucified*" is going to be on a macro any minute now.

They'll be singing a different tune when Mr. T shows up and pities them all into submission.

"White robes are pure jibba jabba!"

That is made of so very, very much win. Beautifully done.

I am very much in love with your button icon. Will you share, or is it proprietary?


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