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Oh, admit it. You do it too.
Knitting Love
karma_aster wrote in metaquotes
bluemuse1 talks about why we really all spend so much time on Wikipedia:

This is why I love Wikipedia: the entry for the Major-General's song from Pirates of Penzance, which contains the lyrics from that song (such as "I know the kings of England and I quote the fights historical"), links "fights historical" to an article on the fifteen decisive battles of the world. ^^

I think the term for meandering around the different links on Wikipedia for hours on end should be called Wikihopping. And in the unlikely event you end up in the same place you started, it is... circumwikivating. Circum-Wiki-vating. Yes. Haha, how cool would it be if Wikihopping caught on? I may finally fulfill my secret dream of starting my very own Internet-speak term! :D
(I've just spent the last 10 minutes reading the entry on umbrellas. Wow, I have too much time on my hands.)

Context thinks that "wikihopping" is damn cool term. QWP

Around here it's known as forming wiki chains.

My friends and I make a game of it; start with a random subject, choose an entirely related other subject, and see who can get there in the fewest amount of links. It's much fun.

Venerable Bede -> Boston accent (7 clicks)

Wikihopping. I like it.

In my FL household, it's "Wikipedia Sinkholes".

I am so going to start using wikihopping now. :D

Circumwikivating is HILARIOUS.

My personal favorite is "Wikipwning" - you know, when someone makes some sort of statement that you just *know* is wrong, and you're too close to a computer with internet not *not* look it up on Wikipedia, and, oh, look! PWND. :)

I like wikihopping, too. It's a great way to kill time. Half the time, I add articles that I want to go more in-depth into later to my favorites so I can start the hop again later.

...Dangit, now I want either a "Wikihopping, back later" or a "WikiPWND!" icon.

Woot! You are much with the rocking. Thank you!

Everyone I know calls it wikisurfing or wikiwandering.

And playing degrees of seperation from anything to anything on Wikis is the greatest.

So true...

(And now I must geek out over your icon for a bit.)

Well, that's because Gargoyles is one of the most fabulous things EVER, especially when combined with Firefly.

Also, I couldn't find any Gargoyles/SG-1 icons. Le sigh...

Gargoyles.. ;__;

It exists on DVD, doesn't it? I must acquire..

It SO exists on DVD. I need to acquire it too. Because Brooklyn is sexy.

Heck, I used to do that with a paper encyclopedia, but in a rather more linear fashion - pull it out to look something up, and then just keep reading.

Good to Bad – 1 degree of separation

Bad to Average – 3 degrees of separation – via The German Language and Russia

Good to Average – 4 Degrees of separation, but via Santa Catalina Island and Russia

From this I deduce that Russia is the route to averageness.

(Deleted comment)
OT, but is that a ReBoot mood theme? Because if it is, I think I love you.

AWESOME. Man, I haven't seen that show in years.

Seconded! :D (Now I kinda wish I'd held onto my Mike the TV icon...)

I think I've learned more from wikihopping than I have from four years of college! :D And I've probably learned more about world history than from my entire school... career... thing. You know, they'd start every year with the Bering land bridge and only ever get to the Great Depression by the end of the year. Over and over and over. I think we had one year of world history, which makes absolutely no sense.

... aaaand I'm digressing. Anyway, I'm guilty of using Wikipedia to study for exams, too. AND IT WORKED. Mwahahahaha.

I do it too, but I make myself click on the first link in each article. If it would send me back to an article I've already read, I move on to the next one. Saves getting caught in loops. And you learn the randomest things.

My friends have developed this game where all of us start off on one Wikipedia entry (like Rasputin), and the first person to get to a completely unrelated entry (like Jello) in the shortest time frame without using search wins.

We call it the Wikipedia game, but the Wikihopping game fits much nicer!


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