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Meta-meta word.
Define interesting
astridsdream wrote in metaquotes
"Here in metaquotes, we make fun of things including but not limited to: famous people, bands, subcultures, political parties (yes EVEN YOURS!!), siblings, friends, words, the Pope, the President, news articles, diseases, intolerance, overtolerance, parents, sex (regular type and deviant), cities, countries, mythical creatures, fandoms, clothing, hair, school, work, body parts (including organs), animals, inanimate objects, planets, the internet, IRL, various foodstuffs, deities based on various foodstuffs, other deities, Cthulhu, furniture, weather, and people who take things too damn seriously.

If you're going to get personally offended every time you like or are one of those things, then I may be inclined to suggest this is not the place for you."

amandathegreat, here.

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Warning: May cause side effects of diarhea, rectal bleeding, stomachache, nausea, death, munchies, leaking eyes, drama, more drama, wet carpets, wet computer screens, wet Cthulhu, stuffy nose, sleep deprivation, and Zuul.

Ask your therapist today if metaquotes is right for you!

"(yes EVEN YOURS!!)"
that's probably my favorite part xD

Something I've always wondered... if one comments on a metaquote that is itself a comment on a metaquote, and that comment is then metaquoted - does the scale continue on to meta-meta-metaquote, or does it simply cut off at meta-metaquote? Is it possible to have an infinite, yet somewhat wanky, loop of meta-?

And how do I regain some sense of meaning for the word 'meta' after abusing it so much?

Icon love*2 - had to share with my Firefly-adoring GF.

I'd like to nominate Manda past mod and toward god.

So, the Pope, the President and Cthulu shouldn't read this page.
Why does the image of the three of them sitting down to have tea and discuss what horrible people we are on the interwebs not distrurb me at all?

Because we all secretly want to see that very thing. I think it would be Oolong tea.

If you make fun of Cthulhu... I and several associates of mine will fuck you up. This to you I swear!
(Remove the featured argument. Insert your own heated topic of debate. Try several. It can be really fun because the outcome will still be the same and you can see how utterly ridiculous it can get, especially when both your skulls wind up in Cthulhu's trash.)


(I think The Glass House ran along those lines.)

:( Except then 'this is not the place for you' from The Glass House to everyone else turned into 'this is not the place for you' from the ABC to The Glass House.

But but but...

Don't you understand these are things we HAVE to take SERIOUSLY?!?!

It's this kind of flippant attitude that is DESTROYING our CULTURE?!?!?!

No, I was not able to type that with a straight face.

No! Not inanimate objects! *flail*

It's okay. They make fun of us behind our backs.

I don't recall any organs being mocked, but my interest is piqued.

Stupid appendix. Doesn't even have a purpose! It's just... it's an afterthought! An appendix! In a book, the appendix is the part that no one reads, 'cause it's USELESS!

Stupid appendix. Cut 'em all out, I say.

As a member of the "other deities" category, I often feel uncomfortable here.

As do I my friend, but I just keep telling myself, "It's worth it for the Star Wars jokes."

people who take things too damn seriously.

Yeah? Well, FUCK YOU!

*hands over the internets with cookies and beer*

Ha. I read all of the comments on that post, and I thought my eyes were going to roll so hard into the back of my head that I'd need a spelunking team to find them again. :-p

*runs off to find an *eyeroll* icon*

That is the greatest Icon EVER!

I haven't laughed quite so hard in a while!

*considers looking sheepish, says fuck it*
Yeah, that was in response to me completely forgetting what this community is about.
I did sincerely appreciate that. And laughed my ass off for a good few minutes.

Any cool points lost for misconduct were immediately reinstated once you chilled out and started laughing at yourself again.

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