Eowyn of Rohan (astridsdream) wrote in metaquotes,

Meta-meta word.

"Here in metaquotes, we make fun of things including but not limited to: famous people, bands, subcultures, political parties (yes EVEN YOURS!!), siblings, friends, words, the Pope, the President, news articles, diseases, intolerance, overtolerance, parents, sex (regular type and deviant), cities, countries, mythical creatures, fandoms, clothing, hair, school, work, body parts (including organs), animals, inanimate objects, planets, the internet, IRL, various foodstuffs, deities based on various foodstuffs, other deities, Cthulhu, furniture, weather, and people who take things too damn seriously.

If you're going to get personally offended every time you like or are one of those things, then I may be inclined to suggest this is not the place for you."

amandathegreat, here.
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