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I love your icon, who made it? *wants it*

Was... stargazer_dream, I think? A meta-icon from a quote by jslayeruk earlier today :)

(Deleted comment)
You may have it!

So may everyone else!

(Deleted comment)
I'm so totally snagging it. Will credit, of course. Thank you!

omg I love YOUR icon. XD That line was FANTASTIC. XD

hee, doctorv made it, and it's sharable, so if you want it, take it.

I laughed myself silly the first time I heard it.

I guess Americans are hard-wired that way, too, as my mother and I were hearing about this around 7:30 AM while driving in town. She turned to me, I turned to her, and only two words were spoken: "The French".

Yeah, same here. Damn those braless, stinky-cheese freaks. :)

No no no! Cheese eating surrender monkeys! Or just saying 'Agincourt' has a similar effect :D
j xxx

What? Never tried to Google for French military victories?

(Use the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button to repeat results)

Oh God, that is great!

I agree, in time like these, we must all focus on what is important, a proper cuppa.

I stubbed my toe. I shall now go make tea.

Likewise one of my first reactions was "Surely the French aren't that pissed off!"
This was before the seriousness of the situation was fully realised.

If nothing else good came from today, at least we have the Nice Cup of Tea icon to celebrate.

Maybe it's just a British and American thing, but French jokes will never, ever get old, will they?


YOUR ICON. Holy crap. I've watched it for about three minutes straight now, always hoping for the kitty to get the moth/butterfly/little winged critter. Like watching Titanic over and over again and thinking just maybe the boat won't sink this time.

Innit cute! I swear, every five minutes people ask me if they can have it. Feel free to yoink (though, unfortunately, I don't know who to credit). :D

Well, I've heard the theory that it was Bush's gang trying to take attention off G8 and world hunger and onto terrorism. Shift the attention onto something that appears to be being dealt with and away from something that the USA doesn't give a s**t about. Only a theory, mind :P I mean I'm sure there are people who think the illuminati are behind all this.

The Illunminati are behind everything!

Even your closet door!

Nobody expects the Illuminati! Their chief weapons are... wait, that's been done.

It's so weird that this entry (among a number of other LJ entries) was linked on Snopes.

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