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The disrepency is made all the more painful by the fact that FOOTBALL FANS started a fucking riot at the pub last year at a comic convention I was at. Grrr.

Thanks for a laugh! :D

I've been buying comics for 17 years. Where has this lady been that whole time? I have never been treated with more respect and friendliness than when I come in to get my pulls.

(I shouldn't post until after caffeine.) The thing that struck me about this post was how TRUE it is. My sister calls me a big geek for being a Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Comic/RPG fan, but she watches...Gilmore Girls? WTF?

Everyone is obsessed with something. When that something is outside the norm, you are considered a geek.

Given that one of the current somethings vast swathes of the nation is obsessed with is watching thirteen complete fucking idiots wander around a house all day, I think I prefer being outside the norm.

Also, a film article dissing Sin City? So far I've only seen the trailer and adverts and what have you, but it looks so pretty. [/filmstudent]

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I like comics and football, but the article realy lost me with its sneering contempt for large breasts. Its pathetic attempt to curry favour with women by continually referring to the large-breasted as vapid ciphers that only exist in the minds of deranged fanboys gets right up my E-cup.

Wow, who knew that women didn't go to comic book stores? And all along I thought I was female. I'm soooo glad that article set me straight before I got even more confused.

::stops to wipe sarcasm off the keyboard::

Mara, I've been meaning to tell you, but I'm not actually a 25 year old woman who likes comic books. I'm actually a pimply adolescent boy who hates women but loves gigantic breasts.


Sorry, I couldn't say that with a straight face. [snort]

Meh. Dark Horse pwns DC and Marvel.

(That thing going by? It was the point.)

It's too bad this article didn't come out two months ago. I wrote a paper in a film studies class about feminine role-reversal in Sin City, and I would have LOVED to rip this guy's argument to tiny bits. Ahhh... academia and comic book movies. They go together like melted chocolate and Orlando Bloom's happy trail.

Ahhh... academia and comic book movies. They go together like melted chocolate and Orlando Bloom's happy trail.


“Women just don’t go into comic-book stores,”

Um. I used to hang out in a certain comic book store all the time, until I turned 18 and the owner pulled out the x-rated comics and tried to convince me to have sex with him in the back room.

What a stupid article.

What a stupid shop owner, too.

women don't go into comic stores huh?

*waves* um, hi. so, about that.

What an amazingly shitty piece of journalism. I almost wonder if the author /is/ one of those misogynist comic geeks, out to sabotage the legitimate concerns about sexism in the industry. I mean, for crying out loud, Oracle is a ginormous step in the /right/ direction. And I must have missed the parts where Wonder Woman, Jean Grey, Invisible Woman, Zatanna, Scarlet Witch, Jubilee, Emma Frost, Kitty Pryde, and Rogue (just off the top of my head) lack nifty superpowers. I even left out female counterparts to male heroes like Supergirl and She-Hulk and so on to avoid that potential can of worms.

Preaching to the choir, I know, but GAH!

It amuses me that on page one Oracle is an "action heroine" and on page two she’s "desk-bound." Granted, if ever there was a desk-bound action heroine, Oracle is it, but still... Really, the whole article is just a nonsensical outpouring of bile.

Admittedly, when I was in high school I avoided the one and only local comic shop (crampt, tiny, and poorly lit) because the way the guys who frequented it would just stare fixedly at me until I left--or, as was the case with one of them, follow me around the store--creeped me the fuck out.

Then there was the one I frequented in college (spacious, well lit, perfectly organized) where the staff was friendly and helpful and really quite sweet. And I never had a problem with any of the other patrons, either.

The logical conclusion, as far as I can tell, is that some stores of any variety just suck and should be avoided. (Also, don't date the local boys. Which I don't. So that's all good.)

Of course, according to that article, I am Unwoman anyway for liking comics to begin with. What a fucktard.

Gaaargh. Makes me wanna rent Sin City just to tork off the ultra-femnists.

Dear Trina Robbins:

You obviously don't know the right comic stores.

Someone who doesn't even read comics.

Seriously, dude. I've been into those things with friends. There is no killing testosterone gas. I promise.

How unbelievably sexist can you get?! These kind of stereotypes really piss me off.

"Women can't read comics. Women can't like sci-fi. Women can't be computer programmers."

Except I'm a woman, and I do all 3. And I have no desire whatsoever to look at "a woman in fishnet stockings who likes getting smacked", "a naked pole-dancer who knows karate and can take a good beating", or "a topless lesbian cop in high heels and a thong".

"a naked pole-dancer who knows karate and can take a good beating", or "a topless lesbian cop in high heels and a thong".

You know, I read that part and thought "It's not the geeks who like that stuff. It's practically every straight male (and a few lesbians) in the entire freaking world who like that stuff."

...the next thing that hits her is the smell. It smells like unwashed teenage boys, and it has this real porn-store atmosphere.

Here is the proof that the person who wrote the article has never been in a proper comic book store. It smells like books, lots and lots of books, and the very specific kind of paper that comic books are printed on. IT IS ONE OF THE BEST SMELLS IN THE WORLD.

I love being a girl in a comics shop, though my local comic book salesman failed to recognize me once when I came in in a preppy sundress. The doubletake the new cashier guy did when he saw how I was dressed and then what books I was buying was priceless. :D

It smells like books, lots and lots of books, and the very specific kind of paper that comic books are printed on.

Amen to that. It's that blend of cover-print-smell and new-page smell and old-page smell from the back issues and the classics on the walls, and it's just YEAH.

Although I'm now tempted, next time the local comic store owner calls to tell me to come pick up my saver pile because it's taking over his file cabinet, to tell him that since "women just CAAAAN'T enter comic shops!" that he'll have to deliver them. Yeah, that'll fly. ;)

As a nerdy girl who likes comics, buys them regularly, and frequents comic book stores, that article made me giggle.

And how come they never complain about Sin City being anti-men? Seriously, any time there's an act of violence shown against a woman, the perpetrator gets his ass beat. Or castrated. My fiance doesn't really want to watch it again because of the castrations.

I liked the movie. Need money with which to purchase and read the comics.

::looks down::

::looks at her boxes of comics and shelf full of TPBs::

::smacks the 'journalist' in the head with the heavier TPBs::

You do have to like the end.

"Career Prospects
Not promising. Batwoman is killed, Batgirl is paralysed, Mirage is raped, while Black Canary is tortured, made infertile, and de-powered!"

Never mind that Jason Todd was blown up, Hal Jordan driven insane, Flash II killed, Batman's back broken, Impulse's knee blown out. Not to mention the daily suck that Spider-Man goes through.

Batgirl was paralyzed. This is obviously because the writer of "The Killing Joke" hated women. Never mind that she became the most valuable fount of information ever. This is all a side-quest on her way to staying at home and raising Dick Grayson's seven children while cooking. Barefoot. And probably being abused by the man trained in such manly endeavors as "acrobatics" and "gymnastics".


Now you've got me thinking about comic heroes whose powers aren't all that 'manly' by those standards... Robin, Nightcrawler, the newer Toad, Spider-Man, all of them have incredible physical abilities that are basically just supah-advanced gymnastics and acrobatics. And like all of those heroines the articles mentioned, they too manage to kick arse! :D

I can't recall who 'Mirage' is, but what did her being raped have to do with her superheroing career. I mean, it would've had a hell of an impact, no matter which way it's handled, but that sentence makes it seem like she can never be a superhero again because OMFG she's been deflowered O_o. Nice message; 'Rape means your life is over so just curl up and die kthx.' Or am I reading too much into it...

“A woman gets as far as the door, and after the cardboard life-size cut-out of a babe with giant breasts in a little thong bikini and spike-heel boots, the next thing that hits her is the smell. It smells like unwashed teenage boys, and it has this real porn-store atmosphere.”

...and that's supposed to turn me away? ;)

I'll admit, I almost got thrown out of my local comic book store once, but that was because I told the guy behind the counter I'd never seen a Quentin Tarantino movie. When I started reeling off all the HK action flicks I'd seen in the past six months alone, though, they said I could stay.

Now, if you'll excuse me, New Comics Day is Thursday this week because of Memorial Day slowing the usual Wednesday releases. I have to see if they've got any issues of KODT that I've missed, and then head out to Empire Skate, and when it's all over I'm going home to work on my Green Lantern sweater knitting. (Seriously. I've got most of the body and a sleeve and a half done.)

Aw, love him or hate him, it's worth watching at least one of his films. He's definitely made an impact on the American movie front.

Got any good HK action flicks to recommend?

That's because all comic geeks go to Liverpool Street Station. Finsbury Park's for amateurs.

I just couldn't stand it. After I read this, and the article, I had to send the online editor at the Times a letter.

commented on your post itself. :) please have a look.


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