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cimness wrote in metaquotes
Dear Viggo,

I never thought I'd say this, but PLEASE shave.

Love, Elaine.

thewayout in a locked post, quoted with permission.

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he looks like a child molester.

That entry, and its comments, practically killed me of funny. Oh, my sides. He looks like a Nascar driver or something. I keep waiting for him to belch and ask me where that thur dadgum remote are.

That said, I think he rocks even more for sporting it.

I'm paying more attention to your icon than the post.

*Stares a lot*

ahh, do we have a peter wingfield fan?

Yeah, but who isn't? :P

Seconded. Mmm, pretty. :)

speaking of mmmmpretty ... icon love, baby.

You beat me to it :) And now there are loads of Peter icons! <3

*looks at picture*

...eaugh. O_o

My mustache association is with creepy pedophiles. So eaugh.

*holds head in hands* He looks like a country hick. Farmer. Truck driver. *runs away*



...that's all


ahahah. icon!

it needs to be in userpicks. may i?

Oh my God, that's hideous! Get it off get it off!

that icon needs to be in userpicks. may i?

oh, god. all i can think of is "bad 70's porn star!"

Wow, I normally like him scruffy, but that? Yikes.

No one looks good with a David Crosby mustache unless it's David Crosby. The sooner people learn this, the better off they will be!

Is it just me, or does he look like a 70's porn star with that thing?

Dear Elaine,

Will not shave till I am king.

Love, Viggs

omg he looks like one of the village people!

*stares at icon* Viggo who?

Aaaaah. I can just picture him in a big, white, unmarked van (filled with "puppies" and "candy," right?) with a beer can between his legs.

Moustache BAD.

oh dear.
that's so much worse than I thought it could be.

holy shit, it's the new guitarist of the Allman Brothers!

(note to any Southerners reading, so that I don't get shot: I really like the Allman Brothers. I can play Ramblin' Man on my guitar. but the facial hair that they sported back in the day just doesn't work for me.)

Oh man. He looks like Jeff Foxworthy. That's just creepy.



Migod, I second thewayout. Bloody hell.

He looks like Gepetto. A freaky Gepetto. Wtf, mate.

Dear Viggo,

You just made me vomit a little. That's hard to do, my stomach muscles are cross-wired from surgery when i was five. Congratulations, you just ripped my esophagus in half. You jerk. Now shave!

The Naked Blue Ninja

I clicked, and it loaded, and it was on my screen in such a way that it was from is nose up, and then I scrolled down. When will I learn- never scroll!!!!

He looks EXACTLY like Randy Johnson. And that guys' name is RANDY.

holy jesus and mary on a pogo stick.

are they shooting a sequel to Tombstone or something? Holy CRAP, man. *dies*

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